Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Start thinking outside of the box!

We all know about the budget cuts in the NHS but do you know about the positive changes in our Leeds area and how they affect you?

Services have had to take a hard look at their budget and get creative, whilst also ensuring they are meeting the criteria of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. This means that we can now be part of the consultation process and ensure we have a voice on how services work.

What does this mean to us as parents? 

We now have rights, control and choice for what our children need to help them be included and gain some independence.

We can personalise the care package around our children, what works for them and us as a family – because as we all know, every child is different.

Imagine having a blank page, and listing what your child needs for their physical, emotional and spiritual outcomes.

Nobody knows our children like we do, so working in partnership with professionals we can plan how to reach those outcomes and achieve the very best for our children. 

“My child is NOT a statistic, NOT a number, NOT a diagnosis, but a person with different abilities taking on a difficult world.”

What does this mean to me?

After dealing with the system for the last 9 years it has taken me a good while and a lot of deep thinking to get my head around the changes and what it means for Jack and I personally. Everything has turned upside down, instead of being ‘grateful’ for anything we can tap into, now its about “what does Jack need” and thinking about how we can achieve it.

Its radical, its new and its not what we are used to – but it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a better life for our children. We as parents, can be heard now. I’m not saying for one minute that all our battles are over, but this is change in the right direction and personally, when I look at how far society has come in the last 60 years with their views and treatment for disabilities, children included, I cant help but feel positive and encouraged.

As services are being reviewed, as a patient/parent you will be invited to give your thoughts and input to how it can be improved. If you want to help shape better services for your child, then take the opportunity to be heard.

Written by Linsay Medica, Founder of Little Hiccups

Contact us by emailing us on info@littlehiccups.co.uk if you want the opportunity to be heard.

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