Monday, 11 December 2017

It must be Christmas!

Ready to see Santa
Christmas can now officially start as Little Hiccups have been on their annual trip to Sundown Adventureland. My children know that the Santa they visit at Sundown is the Real Santa (the rest are helpers as it is obviously a very busy time of the year!) so its now a given that we visit here to kick off Christmas in style at the start of December!

Sundown is a theme park designed for under 10's. It's friendly, well laid out and everything is easy to access. There are several play grounds and slow rides with lots to view and there are also two indoor play areas where you can warm up and grab a bite to eat.

Getting into the Christmas spirit
This Christmas was our largest trip to Sundown yet with 200 people booking on. Little Hiccups took up 3 Santa Slots over lunchtime and it was nice to see everyone together. The elves are well aware of our group now and help out with wheelchairs and pushchairs where needed so that everyone can get a chance to visit Santa. And what a lovely delight that always is. I've been going to Sundown since my eldest daughter was 2 (she's now 11 and still coming with us!) and we all still love the Christmas ride. This year my youngest daughter (just turned one!) joined us for the first time so we got to see the ride and in fact, all of Sundown, again through fresh eyes. Though this year it was mostly bewildered eyes as she tried to take everything in! Although it was the demands of the one year old this year that meant I failed to get the large group photo. I got some - but not enough to show the enormity of our group! Next year guys...

The important thing was everyone who went had a lovely time. We had several new families joining us for the first time, and several families where this was their first trip to Sundown. Hopefully, both groups will return for more as we plan to be coming here for many years in the future!

Just a small gathering!
"Thanks once again Little Hiccups, Nathan had a "really good time!" at Sundown today."

"Can't beat Sundown at Christmas, thank you Little Hiccups! X"

"Thank you for a lovely day from the 3 (4) of us xx"

"What a very special day we've had today. Thank you so much Little Hiccups for making such a difference to so many children."

"Thank you for another fabulous day! Your events always manage to make our big girl smile, which is soooo nice to see."

"Thankyou so much little hiccups for another amazing day at sundown adventure land. All the girls had an amazing time. Gabrielle was smiling throughout but wasn't keen on stopping for a picture. Stopping the fun! Merry Christmas Little Hiccups."

"Another massive Thank You to all at Little Hiccups for arranging another fantastic day out. We've had a wonderful day at Sundown and for the 2nd time Jacob sat and talked to Santa and gave him his letter. He went on all the rides. Don't know what it is about it there but he loves it and is much more relaxed. Its been amazing to see him enjoying himself without all the anxiety and wanting to do and see things. It's the only place he will go see Santa too. I've had a few happy tears today seeing how much fun he was having."

"As always with Little Hiccups events another fantastic day out.  Sundown is somewhere I've been going since I was a kid and my children absolutely loved it.  Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for a lovely day at Sundown Adventureland. A good time was had by all and Santa was lovely. Thank you all at little hiccups."

"Thank you so much for today. I had two very happy boys all day."

"Wonderful day had by the whole family. Thank you so much Little Hiccups x"

"Fantabulous day(as always!!) thank you"

"Our first trip to sundown with little hiccups and we all loved it! Thank you!"

"As soon as we got home we played with Santa's presents thanks for a lovely day xxx"

"Thank you to all who helped organise today, both the boys loved their day out and so did we, the boys enjoyed it so much that the pair of them were fast asleep on the way home, xxx"

"Thank you. We had a fantastic day xx"

"Another lovely day"