Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It's our 7th Birthday!

It's Little Hiccups 7th Birthday! Hard to believe that we have been going for 7 whole years and have come so far in so short a time. 7 years ago we used to turn up with a bag of toys and a jar of coffee - now we are celebrating in the glamorous settings of The Royal Armouries and hiring the fantastic Mimika to come and help us celebrate. 

Mimika is a two person Company formed in 1981. They believe that children deserve the best so their primary aim is to create beautifully crafted theatre that can effectively communicate with a wide variety of young audiences.Over 30 years the style, content and techniques have changed but there are two constants:-

  • The work is always non-verbal
  • The work is always accessible

They exploit the power of the visual image to both communicate with and move their audiences. The work is always gentle and highly original. Performances integrate movement, puppetry and unusual theatrical effects. They attempt to combine traditional and contemporary techniques to create an experience that is rich in content and detail. 

We organised three different showings throughout the day and as always at the Royal Armouries they put on a fantastic food spread including sandwiches and warm food such as sausages, fish nuggets and wedges and of course it is a birthday so we had a lovely birthday cake to enjoy! 

"Happy birthday Little Hiccups the kids and adults all had a wonderful day celebrating xxxx"

"Thanks for another lovely day. Thank you for letting us celebrate your birthday with you. The puppet show was awesome. It even managed to chill a very non chilled child for the rest of the day. So a very big thank you from me."

"We also had a good time watching a theatre group who used puppets to tell a story, at a birthday party for Little Hiccups. Nathan enjoyed the BIG orange fishes, and mummy enjoyed the food lol! 
No seriously though, we had a really good time, and the production was "so creative," in that the 2 puppeteers had made their own puppets, and set's and everything. They were really, really good! A worthwhile afternoon!
Happy Birthday Little Hiccups."