Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Special Summer trip to Swithins Farm Soft Play

The Soft Play area
We hired out the Soft Play area at Swithens Farm just for the Little Hiccups families. It's is a lovely little Play area which has a bright and colourful indoor play area and the Barn offers a fantastic combination of ball pools and apparatus providing a safe environment to let off some steam - including a cushioned ball pool too for the younger ones and the less mobile.

Jack meeting the new arrival
It was a nice little catch up during the very hectic summer holidays and the kids played for two hours non-stop. We also got to meet up with a new member of our Little Hiccups family. Massive congratulations to Hiccups Committee member James and his wife Claire on the birth of their son - he's a cutie!

Website: http://www.swithensfarm.co.uk/

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