Friday, 19 May 2017

Shopping for a good cause

At our Rainbow Factory trip back January we got chatting to one of the mums. It turns out she owns a store called 'The Style Attic'. So called because the store was actually in the attic of her house! An amazingly good and effective idea although it was somewhat unusual to walk through somebody's house to reach the clothes. I did spend a great deal of my time in house envy however. It's one of those perfectly designed houses with many interesting little quirks and pictures scattered around always providing something fascinating to look at.

The clothes in the store were truly beautiful and I thought very well priced and I ended up buying a dress perfect for a wedding I have coming up. I could have easily have spent more though. And it was nice to know that 10% of all the sales went towards Little Hiccups - so it was guilt free shopping too! We made £100 commission on the night not including the money raised from ticket sales. So a massive thank you to everyone that attended and helped us out.

To make it an evening to remember we had sparkly wine (and sparkly juice for the drivers) and nibbles available for all guests on arrival.  Plus we also had the company of the most gorgeous little girl before she headed off to bed. She truly was the most chilled, most welcoming child with the most beautiful of smiles. Everyone that came in was immediately besotted with her and I think she definitely stole the show that night. We certainly lost Little Hiccups Trustee, Sarah, for a great portion of the night.

I personally really enjoyed my evening out and will certainly remember the Style Attic next time I need some new clothes. If you couldn't make it on the night, you can follow them on Facebook here.

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