Monday, 10 February 2014

Meet the Little Hiccups Chairperson - Noel (save us all!)

Noel with his family

So we have all been ask to do this blog thing so you guys can get to know the members of the committee a little better. Hi my name is Noel and I’m 32, I like ice cream and long walks on the beach….what…this is not that kind of blog!

Ok so I got involved with Little Hiccups originally for a number of reasons. I was sat at home one night and a dude with a charity can knocked at my door (not even hassling me on the street!!) as I was talking to him (and letting all the heat out of my house) he asked me if I gave money or time to any good causes, and it dawned on my….I didn’t!

Now at the time he obviously wanted me to hand over all my card details and save the pandas in Scotland or whatever it was (I had to hold back the Wife!) but when I was stood there in my dressing gown giving all the passers-by on Leeds Road a fantastic site I had an epiphany. I can help Little Hiccups!

Little Hiccups were formed by Linsay and Jenny, when they found little to no support for kids under 5 with special needs in Leeds. Freya is Jenny’s daughter and also my Goddaughter so there was my connection. Now at the time we created the committee Lindsay and Miriam ran Little Hiccups. Miriam is also a very close friend of mine so helping with Hiccups was an obvious decision…..sorry Scottish pandas!

When we created the first committee I joined to see Jen and Freya more and to help in any way I could. My primary role has been to help out on our monthly trips out….I’m normally the loud guy you all see when you first arrive with a big smile and two kids hanging off me. I also do the games at the annual balls we have at the Marriott. Give me a microphone and a room full of people and I’m in my element! We have a belter planned for this year…watch this space!!

Speaking of kids, Hiccups has given my two Sprogs a fantastic learning opportunity. They get involved helping me and the committee every trip and they have made some lovey new friends. It’s another reason I wanted to join. It helps them to see the world a different way. Not a lot of kids get to do that. I hope they see me helping and that somehow rubs off on them a little.

Two years on now I’m the committee Chairman. I think it just means Linsay gets to shout at me more when I say silly stuff. I have asked for a crown for our committee meetings but they have still not given me one.

I think that’s enough waffle from me. If you ever see me on an event and you want to chat just give me a prod, say hi, I don’t bite…unless I’m in my Zombie makeup but that’s a different story…

Written by Noel Davis-Atak

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