Friday, 5 February 2016

Little Hiccups January event: Wall Climbing at The Leeds Wall

Well what a start to the year! Our Hiccups children just never cease to amaze us with what they will try. We had children that were adamant that they were not going to have a go but then threw caution to the wind and conquered their fears. And thanks to all the staff at The Leeds Wall, we had children able to reach the very top using a special chair hoist. I've had a few families contact me afterwards and say that they will be taking their children back because the staff at The Leeds Wall were patience and kind and there was never any pressure. I believe that everyone achieved new personal goals. The feedback that we received from the instructors at The Leeds Wall was to say how well you all did and how impressed they were with the attitude of the kids! Gotta say - we knew that already. The way you all through yourselves into these new activities never ceases to impress.

And to top it all off, British Paralympian swimmer, Claire Cashmore, tweeted us words of encouragement! "Don't be scared to step outside your comfort zone & do something you have never done before. Finally, make sure you have fun." I think we certainly managed that!

"Just wanted to say what an amazing time Bailey and Nicole had at the climbing wall yesterday! The instructors Helen and Tony were great. So patient and understanding. They really made us feel that we had a right to be there and that the children's disability didn't matter. They really put my mind at ease and have encouraged us to return another day to have some more fun! Thanks so much."

"Thanks for today. James and Ellie had a fabulous time and plan to return in a few weeks for another go!" 

"Owen said 'I wasn't asleep, it wasn't a dream. I really did do climbing'"

"Great Little outing with the boys"

" Fantastic day out well done to the organisers"


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